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National Mom's Nite Out: the Ultimate Celebration of Motherhood

How to Apply Cheek Color

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Make A Statement (Without Saying A Word)

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Ross-Simons neclkaceWell, ’tis a bittersweet moment, as I wrap up our Oscar mini-series, okay…maybe more like major-series.  But, as I have previously suggested, the Oscars is the (semi)-serious fashion event if ever there were one.  Although I don’t take fashion super seriously, I do like to take in the trends, and like I said, the Oscars is arguably the most influential event of the year when it comes to trend-spotting.  Thus, the tireless dedication to studying said trends, and making them a part of our everyday fashion repertoire, has been informative, I hope, but fun I desire even more. 

The fifth and final trend for your reflection is statement jewelry.  The pieces we are speaking of are big, bold, and of course, beautiful.  With just one bauble or beaded band, you can speak volumes, minus the small talk.  Just leave it to the personality of your fierce accessory to get your point across.  After all, some things just go without saying.  I think you’ll see what I mean when you consider some of the examples I have gathered for you.  But first, let’s take a quick skip down memory lane, and catch a glimpse of why the Oscars was the venue for this trend to showcase itself.

      Amy Adams in Fred Leighton  Taraji P. Henson in Fred Leighton necklace

                 Amy Adams in Fred Leighton                                  Taraji P. Henson in Fred Leighton

       Angelina Jolie in Lorraine Schwartz earrings  Alicia Keys in Fred Leighton

             Angelina Jolie in Lorraine Schwartz                                     Alicia Keys in Fred Leighton

The jewelry adorning these ladies is so amazing, it ceases to be an accessory, but becomes the main event.  With a commodity so striking, it’s an impossibility not to be noticed.  You can barely even forget that you have it on, it’s so much in the foreground.  The only trick to this look: don’t wear multiple statement pieces at one time.  If you wear the collar necklace like Amy Adams, you don’t want to pair it with large, drop earrings like Angelina’s.  The two pieces will compete, and end up looking more gaudy than great.  Not to mention, if you start stacking pieces up, you will run the risk of looking cheap, the jewelry fake.  Less is more when bigger is better.

Case in point:

Not the look you\'re going for 

This is not exactly the look you’re going for, right??  Then please heed my previous advice.           Here, instead, are some seriously tempting statement pieces-absolute eye candy, in fact…

Forever 21 ring

Forever 21 Jewel Cluster Ring  No lie…This amazing bauble is merely $5.80!  It almost feels like a sin, but it’s sinfully divine!  The colors are beautiful for spring, against a rich gold backdrop, it looks like a million bucks, and you can keep a secret!  Wear this with all the new spring floral prints, and to dress up an otherwise plain jane ensemble.  Trust me, this can get the job done!

Forever 21 bracelet

Forever 21 Rainbow Rectangle Bracelet $9.80. This amazing rainbow stretch bracelet is proof that color is power!  Imagine the possibilities: from basic black to bright, bold, colorful patterns, this bracelet turns the energy way up.  Probably a little bit flashy for daytime, and certainly for the office, it is perfect for evening and special events.  Save it for a rainy day, as it is sure to perk up not only you, but everyone around you!

Ross Simons ring

Ross Simons Black Onyx Ring $75.00.  This incredible black onyx ring was originally $175, what a steal!  Again, the piece is definitely a head-turner, but it isn’t over the top.  Although dressy, it’s not pretentious, and it would make any basic black number unforgettable, in a very understated way.

Forever 21 headband

Forever 21 Jeweled Flower Headband $11.80. Although it’s not jewelry in the traditional sense, it is hair jewelry, and your strands deserve a little accessorizing too.  This headband is truly unforgettable when paired with a frilly black frock.  It has all the dramatic display needed to turn a basic into a beauty.  No other jewelry is even necessary to compete with the singular statement of this piece.  It’s a stand-alone sensation!

 Forever 21 necklace

Forever 21 Medeival Chain Necklace For just $12.80, this Medieval Chain Necklace can be a priceless piece of your jewelry collection.  Imagine how gorgeous this would be draped around your long neck, with your favorite “LBD” (little black dress).  You may have worn that dress countless times, but with this stunning vintage inspired necklace, you will look and feel like brand new! 

Forever 21 Bracelet

Forever 21Hinged Bracelet  Whoever said cheap can’t be chic?  This lovely bangle is practically to die for.  But don’t jump off that cliff just yet, it’s highly obtainable at only $4.80!  YES!!!  It’s true!  This is a very adaptable bracelet.  It is easily dressed up or down, but is consistently gorgeous!

Ross-Simons necklace

Ross Simons 14kt Polished Yellow Gold Necklace $1,295.  Speaking of gold, this would be as close as it comes to the “gold standard”.  Although pricey, it is marked down slashed from $3,350, so consider it a bargain.  In all seriousness, though, this is an investment piece.  It will always look chic, always stand out in a crowd, and always transform anything drab into something full-on fabulous.  It is a no-brain-er, pull out-all-the-stops accessory that will carry you through fashion funks like a familiar friend.  If you invest in one really nice piece this spring, make it this one; it is extravagant, but you’ll wear it forever, and get your money’s worth each time!


Forever 21 earrings

Forever 21 Croc Back Rhinestone Earrings $7.80. Bring on the bling, with sparkling rhinestones and a crocodile embossed background.  These dazzlers are sure to make their mark, day or night.  They are just short of overdoing it for daytime, so be careful of your outfit, and your outing.  Office-no, brunch and shopping-yes.  Jeans-no, capris and a button down blouse-yes.  See?  It’s so easy to say so much!

Forever 21 necklace $8.80. Not all statement makers have to sparkle.  For example, this Peacock Plate Necklace is memorabe for its bold color and pattern, as well as unique shape and material.  This would look stunning with jeans or a suit.  Its versatility is as note-worthy as its charm.

Erickson Beamon for Target bracelet

Erickson Beamon for Target Jeweled Pink Bracelet $39.99.  I love love love this blinged out bracelet from high-end jewelry designer, Erickson Beamon.  He has created the most amazing spring line for Target at a mere fraction of his typical prices.  You know what that means: you and I can afford designer jewelry!  I love the fact that Target brings in these incredible, in-demand style-makers who offer collections of items, (jewelry, purses, shoes, clothing, etc.), affordable for the every-day woman.  Check Target out often to see what new offering they have of designer duds.  Now that’s smart shoppin’!

Erickson Beamon for Target earrings

Erickson Beamon for Target Square Cut Blue Earrings $14.99. So, apparently size matters…at least in this case.  These are quite outstanding based on their sheer size.  At 1.5″x.5″, these earrings definitely leave an impression, (think Angelina at the Oscars.)  The color is captivating as well, like the ocean, these beauties are serene, yet powerful all at once. 

Ross Simons dog necklace $7.95.  I couldn’t resist including a little something for Fluffy.  Now yours will be one decked out pup.  What better way to make a fashion statement?!  Paris Hilton doesn’t have to be the only one to carry around a cute canine accessory.  But buyer beware: could lead to acute spoilage and NEEDS: Narcissistic Egotistical Evil Doggy Syndrome-adorn at your own risk.  (Just kidding!  Fluffy knows she’s fabulous already!)

And so we bid adieu to the loudest quietest of friends-statement jewelry.  Hopefully, you were able to find your voice through jewelry expression by acquainting yourself with the best of the baubles.  I feel confident that you do plenty of talking, let your accessories do the work for a change.

We likewise close a chapter, (or five), on the Oscar trends which were well worth our time and scrutinization.  Next time you think, “I’ve got nothing to wear”, think again.  If you learned anything from this series, you must know by now, that trendiness is not about spending a lot of money, or keeping up.  It is about you-your personality, your flair, and most definitely, it is about fun!

Because fashion should be fun, not fundamental!


Red Rules

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It’s finally here~time to talk about one of the hottest color trends of the season, RED.  Usually red is reserved for fall and winter, but this spring is about rich and revved-up glamour.  Red is the perfect color to stand out and express sex appeal aplenty.  Although red undoubtedly does rule, red also has rules.  Like a fine box of chocolates, there are some ways in which you pursue the pleasure so as not to spoil it. 

For instance, you need the right complements.  When enjoying an indulgence as rich as chocolate, you simply must sip milk with it, or my favorite, Dr. Pepper.  Without something to wash it down, it can end up overpowering at best, or unpalatable at worst.  Furthermore, you must select the right kind of chocolate for your particular taste.  This may mean you need to sample several pieces before settling on the one that makes your taste buds swoon, but it’s well worth the effort.  Nothing tastes better than a perfectly picked piece of cocoa infused, serotonin-boosting confection that can enhance your mood altogether.  Much like red, chocolate is best enjoyed with some attention to detail.  Yet they both posses such power, that they are worth the pursuit of perfection in order to enjoy them to their fullest potential.

As I normally do, I would like to remind you of our Oscar ideals from which we are still receiving trend-spiration.  Here are some of the reds we admired:

                          Rule Makers:

Amy Adams in Carolina Herrera  Heidi Klum in Roland Mouret  Amanda Seyfried in Valentino

  Amy Adams in Carolina Herrera       Heidi Klum in Roland Mouret      Amanda Seyfried in Valentino  

                           Rule Breakers:

                                Phoebe Cates in Sorelle Frienze  Mickey Rooney\'s guest

                               Phoebe Cates in Sorelle Frienze                 Unknown designer

Rule #1. Red Heads CAN (and should) wear red!  Amy Adams takes a bold chance, and the result is on fire!  Many a law abiding citizen believes that redheads should not wear red.  Well, as Amy shows here, that is a belief nearing traitorous proportions!  As long as the makeup is neutral, and has an undertone similar to the red ensemble, (may it be blue or yellow), then red heads from strawberry blondes to deep cherry auburns, can carry it off with ease.

Rule #2. Coordinate your accessories.  Red is a hard one to pull off head to toe.  Because it is so bright and rich, you often benefit from accessorizing with another color or two so as not to overwhelm the eye.  However, if you are so brazen, do make sure that you match perfectly.  Heidi’s look is an excellent example; her heels and clutch are not only a spot-on match in color, but in material as well.  Meanwhile, Phoebe Cates’ ensemble is suffering from, among other things, a purse that is a different shade of red, as well as shiny, not a compliment to the dress at all.  Further proof that red on red action is a treacherous attempt: Mickey Rooney’s guest.  This outfit is obviously problematic, and I am not insulting your intelligence by mentioning it.  I just want you to see how badly colors and materials clash when red is involved.  I do give her a few points for matching her man’s handkerchief, though.

Rule #3. Choose the right red.  While I am a believer that a woman can wear practically any color she wants regardless of complexion, hair color, etc., I do think that some colors just look better than others from one person to the next.  Although your husband would beg to differ, as with other colors, there are many shades of red.  If you tend to wear colors like blue and purple, along with silver jewelry, you would most likely look best in a red with blue undertones, like Amy Adams’.  If you steer toward browns, orange, and gold jewelry, then you should opt for a yellow undertone, like the brick red that Amanda Seyfried is donning.  That is a very basic guideline, and you can definitely learn much more about how to choose the ‘rightest’ red at: and

Rule #4. Make sure it fits.  If you are going so far as to wear such a stand out color as red, then you are obviously in a ‘notice me’ mood.  Don’t spoil the effect by wearing a garment that is ill-fitting or even frumpy.  Phoebe’s dress is a not so pleasant reminder that fit is first and foremost.  Her dress is so big, it’s falling off of her, and would better suit someone twice her age.  This look is not doing her any favors.  She is a gorgeous woman whose beauty is smothered by the shapelessness of this dress.  On the other hand, too small can be just as unseemly.  Don’t pull the all too familiar “I’ll lose 10 pounds” bit.  Word of advice: That NEVER happens!!!  If you have to pour yourself into your prospective red piece, you will end up looking like, well, something other than a lady.

Rule #5. Go forth with confidence!  The only way to wear red is with your head held high, your smile from ear to ear, and your gait strong and even.  You know, like you own the place!  No one wearing red should feel like a wallflower.  You are a force to be reckoned with on any given day, but on a red day, you are upping the ante even more.  So do take the opportunity seriously gorgeous girl, and paint the town RED!!

Because fashion should be fun, not fundamental!


Alicia Keys’ Mary Kay Must-haves from the Oscars

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I promise I am not obsessing over the Oscars either, but this is the fashion event of the year and as always, Mary Kay cosmetics made a beautiful appearence.  Celebrity makeup artist Ashunta Sheriff created this red carpet worthy, stunning look for Alicia.

Alicia Keys Oscars

Alicia is wearing:

Mary Kay® Concealer – covers minor imperfections for a flawless-looking face even on her close-ups. Buy now!
Mary Kay® Lip Liner in Raspberry – gives her perfectly defined lips a clean, precise line. Buy now!

 Mary Kay® Lip Gloss in new limited-edition Polynesian Petals – gives her lips maximum shine in a very on-trend shade. Buy now!

Mary Kay® Mineral Cheek Color in Shy Blush – gives her cheeks a fade-resistant glow to take her from red carpet to after parties. Buy now!

Try this look virtually!!!