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If you are looking for easy Quiche, follow this link.  Sorry, I posted the wrong link on Rocksinmydryer.


My dh and I are trying to lose some extra poundage by doing a “JENNY CRAIG” diet on a budget. We have cereal in the am, “Lean Pockets” and salad for lunch, a “Lean Cuisine” for dinner, two fruits, and 2 snacks. When it  comes to snacks, the problem always seems to be portion. Buying the 100 calorie packs are a big help, but they are also expensive.

During this Halloween season, there are many snacks that are being sold in packs that are convenient to hand out for Halloween. They cost any where from $3.98-$4.98 and they have anywhere from 18-30, 100 calorie packs to a bag. This is a lot better than the boxes of six that cost around the same. These bags are not marked 100 calorie, but most of them are (except the Goldfish and they are only 50 calories/pack.) Keep in mind, these are seasonal so stock up! Pre-proportions works for me and cheap always works for me!




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