Homemade Dog Food

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No joke, I made dog food. My pooches love it! Store bought food is expensive and I’m not sure what kind of nutrients they are actually getting from it. I thought I would find some good nutritious recipes and give it a shot. I looked up tons of recipes online and almost all of them had these ingredients in common: veggies (any kind, but it seemed that corn, carrots and green beans were preferred), oats, brown rice or pasta, and meat or broth. I was ecstatic. I had all of these ingredients in my freezer and/or as leftovers just waiting to be thrown away.


My first batch was a few chicken tenderloins (leftovers), several packages of frozen veggies (my grandmother gives them to us and my family prefers fresh, she gives us so many, sometimes they end up thrown away), some water to help with the chopping in the blender, and then after it was poured in the bowl, I added some oatmeal (we have tons of oatmeal).

Voila! Dog Food! 


I gave Bunny, our large dog, two cups mixed with 1/2 cup of dry dog food. I gave Dudley, our terrior, one cup with about 1/4 cup of dry dog food. I gave it to them early in the day so I could, you know, monitor their digestion or lack there of. They did great. I gave them a second serving later that evening. When the dry dog food is gone, hopefully we can stick to homemade alone.


My subsequent batches have been made with tuna, veggies, and oats, and then today I made a beef batch from veggies, pasta, and leftover beef gravy. As you can see, they are under my feet when they see me making it. I’ve never seen them like a food or treat better. From what I understand, it will make poop duty easier too because of all the quickly bio-degratable ingredients in their food.

It works for me, and Bunny, and Dudley.

For more great ideas, go to rocksinmydryer!

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